Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Most Funny and Most Spiritually Inspiring Award goes to....

Okay as I've promised, wait did I promise anything? Anyway, whatever! I have reviewed a few blogs I've been following so here are the awards that I'll be presenting with great honor (NO!, I am not competing against PEBA - this is just a personal commendation). So here are the Baul's Tresured Blogs:

Treasured Blog for Most Funny Blog

Pluma ni Jepoy - the blog that ultimately made me laugh when I am quite down. Jepoy, I am not kidding when I said those words. His blog is purely a substance of his experiences in life, SexyErotic&Untamed (wala ako maisip na one word for that eh, ah teka WILD haha!) - No, I am not mocking you, Jepoy. Your sexyness is one of a kind hehe!. You can almost see him in his blog by the way he writes and relays his stories which makes you say "that's Jepoy for you! harhar!". The most friendly blogger I have ever seen, yes that's true. 

Treasured Blog for Most Spritually Inspiring Blog
Online Mommy's Corner - I've already made a review about her blog but for the sake of my readers not going back and fort my pages I'll tell you about her blog - again!. Her blog is mostly about life experiences and obstacles in life that she has encountered and in the end of the article she will inspire readers by sharing the practical application of what she have learned from God. Her blog also features some educational articles with regards to blogging and earning money online. Okay, I am not giving her this award because she has given me an award, this award is given with utmost sincerity. Mommy Mylene, your blog inspires me!

Inspirational Life Quotes - Another Mommy blog! Mommy Chin-chin is the moderator for this blog. Like Mommy Mylene, her blog is filled with spiritual inspirations and it is more like a Bible Study Blog. When down spiritually, you'll find yourself filled or should I say enlightment fills your heart when you read her articles. And with references from the Bible, people will find her blog educational as well, in terms of religious study.

Visit their sites and you'll know the reason for this awards. Okay, two awards would be enough for today. So awardees, grab your buttons and please put a link back to this article as a proof of why Baul ni Noel awarded you.


NoBenta said...

i'm a loyal follower of master jepoy. he does make me laugh with his life experiences.

i'll check the other two when i get back home.

Jepoy said...

Oh-Em-Gee I'm like so tats all over my sexy body...Pero gusto ko ang inspirational sana ahahaha...

Noel I really really appreciate this award....I'll get the badge and display it on my site.


Chin chin said...

I'm thankful Noel for the award and the review. I'm glad that I'm able to share the Word through blogging. By the way, it's Inspirational Life Quotes, but I guess, Life's Inspirational Quotes is also okay. God bless you. Will post the buttons ASAP. God bless.

Noel said...

@NoBenta - thanks, yap avid fan ako niyang si Jepoy eh hehe! Sige try to visit the other two blogs.

@Jepoy - uber sexy ka! haha! pagbutihin mo.

@chin chin - you're welcome, I changed na - sorry hehe!

Mylene said...

Hi Noel,

I've already posted the award.

Thanks again :)

God Bless!

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