Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Operation: IZE Teeth Makeover!

When our son Ize was about 2 or I think younger, twice he had an accident involving his mouth and teeth. It was so frustrating for us especially to my wife since she is a dentist. As a parent, seeing your child get hurt , pains you as well. 

The first accident was when he tripped and his mouth bumped on one of side tables. His tooth got chipped and eventually bled so much. I was there and witnessed how it happened, I was quick but only to aid him from his tormenting state. I called my wife for help, she should know what to do. As she held him I went to the kitchen to grab some ice. The bleeding stopped after a few minutes but Ize kept on crying. 

The second time was when he was trying to remove his pants and tried walking. His pants was lowered to his feet so when he tried to walk, he tripped on it and fell facing down. He was able to support himself with his arms before he fell down but there was still impact in his mouth. Again, I was there. Why is it that when there is an accident, I was always there. I tried to be quick but I am always too late, that is what I thought to myself. Then I realized, it's better I was there to hold on to him and aid him.

The first accident was still fresh when the second accident happened. Again my wife almost cried. She's asking why it had to be his mouth and teeth. After the second accident happened, it was frequent he cried over his teeth. We just saw another crack on his other tooth, just beside the chipped tooth.

After consulting a pediatric dentist, it was decided he'll be undergoing a GA - General Anesthesia. I can't believe my 2 yr old boy is undergoing a GA already. My wife never reacted, she told me it is okay. When I saw her callm, okay I think it's okay. They're both doctors, and they're both dentist so I guess it is really okay. The operation went very well and we're all happy to see him with full smiling teeth again and he never complained about toothache again after that. We are thankful to that Egyptian Dentist, he is so nice and he is from Baksh Hospital. We were told that he loved giving charity and since he liked our baby Ize so much, he didn't ask for any professional fee. He just asked us to pay the room that Ize will be using since he can't voucher for that anymore. God is really something, we were in the middle of crisis that time and He provided a great help that time.

That was a year and a half ago, now my son's teeth is once again back to its broken state. The repaired part has already worn-off and unlike the real teeth, the pasta or filling wears off easily. I don't even know if that is the right word for it.

Okay, today we went to the dentist to repair my Ize's teeth so he'll have a good smile on his coming birthday. It's a makeover before his big and special day. And his dentist this time is none other than his mom (my wife). Here are some pictures from my wife's clinic.

And here is the outcome of the operation.



Jepoy said...

Cute! I wanna have my own son now na...LOL

Lord CM said...

Sigurado masaya ang bday nya :)

Noel said...

@jepot - Sige nga, hanap ka ng mapagpu-punlaan ng iyong mayamang binhi haha!

@LordCM - of course, nandun si Jollibee and friends hehe!

salamat sa pagdaan.

Nebz said...

That's cute. And he's a very brave boy huh. But isn't it early for him to have teeth reparation? Db milk teeth pa rin un.

Noel said...

Okay naman daw sabi nung wife ko. Dinugtungan lang naman daw yung mga naputol na ngipin pero it is still very fragile. My wife just wants our son to look good until it is ready to be extracted.

Misalyn said...

Good thing na dentist ang asawa mo and sya mismo ang nag-ayos ng teeth nya. Cutey boy.

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