Sunday, February 28, 2010

Avatar: Movie Review

This is will be a short movie review of the talked-about movie Avatar. I know it's a bit too late to have a movie review of this movie. Well, that is because I've just seen it. Since there are no cinemas here in Saudi Arabia, we just wait for the best copy we can ever get our hands on. After getting a good copy, a great copy, me and my wife decided to watch it. So here it goes.


That's it. Thank you very much for reading my review.

I told you it's just a short review. My introduction is even longer than the review hehe!. I know it's a lame review but there is no words to describe it. I must have an original DVD copy of this, better if I can have a Collector's Edition or Director's Cut. So that's it for now. Thanks.


DRAKE said...

Rumereview ka na ngayon ah!naks!

Medyo matagal na nga yan bro!heheh


ch!e said...

matagal na dito sa computer ko yung avatar movie...pero di ko pa sya napapanood. wala lang time masyado. hehe

The Pope said...

Two thumbs up, definitely the movie its of the year.

Noel said...

yap, definitely the best movie of the year.

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