Tuesday, February 16, 2010

The Invitation

We just booked our son's birthday. Now I am making preparations for the coming special day for our son. It is his 4th Birthday and he is getting bigger every minute.

In preparation, one important thing in every party - INVITATIONS. Yes!, right now I am making the invitations and the planned POSTER or the picture that will be posted in front and probably make a slideshow about our son.

We have decided to use the Ben 10 theme since it is his new favorite cartoons. For now, I am quite tired already and sleepy so I'll be stopping for now and just sleep. See you tomorrow.

Here is a sample of what I am doing.


Jepoy said...

Coolness! Invited ba ako dyan?! Kung sa Pinas ang celebration papadala ako ng cake ehhehe

onlinemommy said...

Usually, mga mommy ang busy sa mga party invites eh, good to know that you get yourself involved too :)

Noel said...

@jepoy - pwede ka naman pumunta dito and you will be our special guest kung pupunta ka, sabihin mo lang hangga't maaga para ma-cancel ko si Jollibee para ikaw na lang ang partner ni Hetty sa sayaw, kabitan na lang kita ng pakpak ni Jollibee haha!

@onlinemommy - I've been into desktop publishing before so I don't have problem making the invitations myself besides the idea is in my head, if I let others do it I might not like it.

Jepoy said...

@NOel Ay ayoko na may panglalaet factor!

FIne ikaw na sexy! LOL

Noel said...

@jepoy - uy! sorry biro lang yun. (Magpapalusot pa sana me) This is a best example of not thinking before commenting! Sorry po!

Meron bang sexy na malaki tyan, heto nga at problemado akong mag-control ng aking food - bakit kasi napapaligiran ako ng masasarap na food.

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