Monday, February 8, 2010

Free Wallpaper

I've been disconnected to the whole world for a few days since my internet connection is giving me headaches. My internet provider seems to have problems fixing and finding solution to my current problem. They have sent technicians 4 times and none of them solved the problem. I've tried what they told me and replace my old cables and wires with new ones but still it won't connect. It started when I decided to upgrade my ADSL from 256k to 512k so my last resolution is to downgrade once again to 256k, atleast with that speed I have not faced problems except the fact that it is slow.

Well, the great thing is when you are disconnected to the whole world, you are connected to who ever or what ever is near you and that is my family. So what have I been doing this past few days? I have enjoyed the fruits of my labor - my new Samsung Omnia 2. I used the built-in camera to focus on a new hobby and now I am aiming to buy a Canon EOS 500D. I took pictures of whatever I find that looks interesting, of course I don't gamble on displaying to the whole world my new toy especially those thieves who want to get a hold of it.

Okay since I am out for a while I have decided to give a free gift to all my readers. Here is a free wallpaper to everyone. This is from me and my son and we are hoping for you all to enjoy this gift. There are 2 versions,  widescreen version and the other is for tall screens.

Here are the previews and links.

This is a reminder for us always to be a good person in order for others to see how GOD works in each of us.


Misalyn said...

maganda ang wallpaper.

Bilisan mo ng bumili ng Canon EOS 500D, maganda sya..yey! nakabili na ako two weeks ago ( manginggit daw ba hahahaha) Bili ka rin ng lens kahit yung 18-200.

punky said...

bili ka nlng ng maraming pagkain.. mabubusog ka pa! hehehehe!

Jepoy said...

Cool shot Kuya Noel.

Cute ng Son mo manang mana sa Mommy hihihih.

GOd Bless!

ch!e said...

thanks. nice shot!
nagko-collect kasi ako ng mga wallpapers. gusto ko kasi everyday iba-iba ang wallpaper ko hehe.

God bless!

Noel Ablon said...

maraming salamat mga igan.

@misalyn - nang-inggit ka pa ah hehehe! actually may promo dito sa Jeddah na may kasamang lense ewan ko kung add-on yun or yung built-in ang sinasabi nila hehe! Kasi yung iba dito sinasabi bonus package ayun pala talagang kasama yun hehe! loko.

@punky - alam mo yung food plenty and rich dito, at sa katawan ko ngayon kailangan ma-deprive muna ako sa food hehe!

@jepoy - kaya naging cute yan ay nai-pamana ko na sa kanya ang lahat ng ka-cute-an ko kaya ako ngayon ang laspag haha!

@chie - first time seeing you here, thanks for visiting.

Nebz said...

Impressive. I like the photo, the concept, and the verse. Congratulations. Looking forward to seeing more of your works.

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