Wednesday, February 3, 2010

You're Not A Monster!

From the movie Cars, Lightning McQueen, the main star of the movie is my son Ize’s favorite toy/character, etc. The story is about a rookie race car McQueen who loves to be the champion and be the first rookie to ever win the Piston Cup. Because of McQueen’s desire to win Dinoco as his sponsor against Chic Hicks and the current champion The King, he ended up in a place called Radiator Springs when he mistakenly took Route 66 instead of going to his next matches place. He was placed under public service and repair the roads he ruined.

Ever since Ize watched the movie (that was when he was still 2 years old), he loved the movie so much up to now. Lightning McQueen is Ize’s hero, his buddy, his champion, his most favorite companion when sleeping, his favorite drawn character, etc... It sometimes made me jealous to see him watching the movie repeatedly than being with me or with us (my wife). Sometimes we join him so we’ll get to be with him and interact with him. He’ll cry so much if he didn’t get to see his favorite pal, McQueen for a day.

Last night before sleeping, he was playing with his toy car McQueen while in bed so I tried to annoy him by pretending to be a monster and bite his cheeks and ears. He was laughing while I’m playing with him. I told him I am like a monster. But he said something that made me stop and this is what he said, “No you are not a monster!”. So I asked him – “What am I like? What is Daddy like?”.  And then he told me “You’re not a monster, You’re like Lightning McQueen!”. I hugged him and kissed him after that. We prayed together and we slept. I am so blessed, I could cry.


Life Moto said...

wow, iyan ang isang bagay na dapat natin alagaan, na maging idol ng ating mga anak. kahit sa kotse lang tayona icompare,wat matter most is the good value.

onlinemommy said...

Natouch naman ako :) So sweet of your young man there. This are the moments that we parents should cherish while they are still young because when they grow up, this kind of scene may not be repeated anymore.

Noel Ablon said...

Oo nga eh mga friends, these little things make my heart grow bigger. Our little boy is really a sweet boy. These moments are mostly cherished.

We just enjoy every moment of our son's childhood. We always hug him and carry him even at his age coz I know someday, I won't get to do that again (maybe the carrying) but hopefully he still hugs us when he grows older. Sometimes you just wish they don't grow older hehe.

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