Saturday, January 9, 2010

Eleksyon 2010: Who to vote?

Suddenly I felt political and checked who are running for president this coming Eleksyon 2010.  I found these people to be running around lately and looking for allies hehe! Time to google those people but where to look for that's what I'll do. Of course their personal blogs are out of the question, I am totally sure I'll be reading more stuffs about them only. So again, here they are:

Sen. Benigno "Noynoy" Aquino
JC Delos Reyes
Joseph Estrada
Sen. Richard Gordon
Sen. Jamby Madrigal
Gilbert Teodoro
Bro. Eddie Villanueva
Sen. Manny Villar

Sen. Mar Roxas
Jejomar Binay
Bayani Fernando
Sen. Loren Legarda
Edu Manzano
Jay Sonza
Perfecto Yasay
Dominador Chipeco Jr.

SENATORIALS, I'll include that if I have time.

I hope everyone gets serious this time. Be wise Filipinos. "Sana madala na tayo sa mga pagkakamali natin nitong nakaraang mga dekada". Selling your votes and then making protest is so frustrating and just making us Pinoys less. Whenever I see people making protest to the government, I don't see democracy anymore - I can only see the anger and regrets. Some even joined to protest against the person they have voted for. This rallies and protest will not end - I know and I can bet my 1 year salary on that - if the people will not choose wisely. Our children's hope and future is in the hands of the president that we are going to put in power. It is us adults who is to blame for the future that awaits them.

This presidential candidates are really something but where they able to do something without power? We as regular or common people are far more better than them coz irregardless of power, we can do something great. Think of these thoughts:
  • If they promise something great, THINK! Can they do it without power? If they can. Did they do something to achieve it before they even decided to run for president? Would it be great if we see those people who promised something and do it even after they lose the election?
  • Did they do something great instead of talking bashful stuffs about their opponent all day.
  • Anti-corruption is good, but are they opposing corruption and people who do corruption to defeat corruption? or they use it to benefit themselves for this very moment?
  • Sadly, most people vote for the lesser evil. If we can find evil in them, are they even worth voting for?
  • We continue to be blinded by wealth, most people do but people think not of yourselves - think of your children.
  • If it's achievement that we really want then check their achievements not what they offer. If they have done great things besides talking all they and opposing corrupt officials, I believe they can do better if they are on power - atleast they have a higher potential to be a great leader.

Well, this is just my opinion. I'll post another entry after I have googled these people and their achievements. From where I am right now, I can only hope and pray for every Filipino to be wise and not "WAIS". Think of our child's future and not "OUR" future. Of course, I'll also vote and I'll be voting for the person I believe to be worth my vote and I won't regret every moment of it coz I know in my heart, I voted wisely.

If you are reading this and you have something to add, please do tell and I'll update this post immediately, you can even share this thought to others so they can share their thoughts as well.

God bless us all on this coming election.


The Pope said...

Thank you for posting your thoughts on the upcoming 2010 Election, honestly, I still have not made up my mind on who to vote on the coming election, like you, I need to carefully study the hidden characters of the Presidentiables and other public office candidates.

I agree with you, it's not just a simple choice of the least evil, i cannot let a lesser evil candidate steer the future of my children and of our country.

onlinemommy said...

Thanks for the hints. I also hope the Filipinos will also consider the spiritual stands of the candidates. A God-fearing leader can do great things because God's favor is in Him.

I hope I can get your support for AMANG party list. I guarantee you that the nominees of the said party list are God-fearing and able leaders. It is about time that our country will be led by true people of God. What do you think?

Ilyana said...

Edu Manzano for VP? are u serious???

Noel Ablon said...

Thanks @Pope for dropping by.

@onlinemommy - di ko alam kung sino yung mga nasa AMANG party list. Sila Bro. Eddie Villanueva ba? Actually, I am considering a leader with good faith but I also look on their experiences. Why? If ever di maging maganda ang kanilang leadership ay pwedeng mag-collapse din ang church lalo't Church leader pa.

Sana lang, ginawa ni Bro. Eddie eh tumakbo siya for lower positions to earn experience in government.

Pero I am still choosing my leader, I can't tell here and I don't want to influence others din kasi baka magalit sila sa akin pag pumalpak hahaha! Safeside muna ako hehehe!

@Ilyana - opo! I have the same expression as yours hehe! Tinalbugan si Ate Vi.

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