Friday, December 18, 2009

One Week Before Christmas!

One week more and it's Christmas. Our Christmas Gathering will be something different and I am quite excited. This is the first we'll be celebrating something different - it's a 7 Candlelight Christmas Service and I am one of the 7 speakers to give a few inspiring words about Christmas. I still don't know what to say, I still have a few days left and we still haven't bought some of the gifts we need to buy. Thank God we had the energy to buy some stuffs for our exchange gift awhile ago.

For the kids, I'll probably buy some assorted chocolates and candies and put it in a loot bag and give it away for them to enjoy.

How about you all, ka-bloggers? Will you be having a Christmas get-away with your friends? Hope you all have a plan this Christmas.

Well, you have to go with your friends. Instead of lurking all day in your room and think about your family back home, enjoy! Have a nice Christmas, I'm sure your family is doing the same thing.


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