Sunday, December 6, 2009

The Fellowship

What makes a relationship work? And what makes it stronger?

Our recent hajj vacation proved to be very fun and amazingly addicting. Brothers and sisters in church all had a good time. Friendship between each and everyone grew more stronger.

Each family had their own adventure while spending with other families. Sharing their past hilarious adventures and joking with each others mischief filled everyone with laughter and joy. New memories were made to be cherished and past tribulations are forgotten.

The fun level is so great that even for a selfish reason of satisfying oneself results everyone's enjoyment. We really had a great time and we're glad we are part of this adventure.

Fellowship makes a relationship work, be it marriage or friendship and having God as its foundation made it more stronger.

If God is the foundation of your marriage, before you and your wife/husband settle something, pray. Pray for understanding coz serious matters often lead to misunderstanding and confrontations. Understand each other's point of view and try to settle things with calmness in heart, if your partner is getting tensed remind him/her that God is in your midst and both of you are trying to solve things not making it worst and continue being calm. Remember being one through marriage is not a competition, it is not about YOU anymore - it is about FAMILY.

If God is the foundation of friendship, you help each other by making each other stronger. Having fellowship with a friend in trouble is one way to make them stronger, a shoulder to rely on always gives new strength to anyone.This family of friends had their ups and downs and yet they continue to get stronger by making each other stronger.

The fellowship between a parent and a child is a great example of how God loves us. As a parent, when we are with our children, we protect them from harm, we always think of how we can make them happy, we think of the best things for them in the future. That is how God loves us.

So it is important that we always have fellowship with the people who we love and loves us, to have stronger bonds and most specially to Jesus our Lord and heavenly Father.

I am so blessed. Coz I get to enjoy every moment with my family, believing God is with us and for having such good friends.


Jepoy said...


I miss going to church :-( and the fellowhip with fellow believers too *singh*

Life Moto said...

ito ang kailangan natin na magsamasama at magpalakasan. Hindi yung naghihilaan.
SAME with me here mabuti na lng at may dagat dito sa khobar dahil napasyalan ng mga friends and kapatiran sa riyadh.

fiel-kun said...

howdy kuya Noel ^_^

Haven't been here for ages.. >_<

anyways, GOD should always be the center of our lives specially with our relationship with our family. Nothing is impossible to him, just ask and He will provide.

You have a wonderful family :)

GodBless and remember:
Always be happy. Always wear a smile :)

DRAKE said...

Buti okay kayo ng pamilya mo kahit nagkaroon ng delubyo dyan sa Jeddah!

Ingat parati and God Bless

Noel Ablon said...

Sige tuloy mo yan @Jepoy!

@lifemoto buti na lang may bros and friends ka to make you happy at malapit ka rin sa dagat. Ingat lagi.

Yes I do have a wonderful family and I always thank God for that blessing, salamat sa pagdaan - @fiel

Ayos naman kami @drake, muntik ng ma-stranded yung misis ko sa work niya buti naka-uwi. May mga parts na talagang binaha at so far yung way papunta sa beach ay cleared, kaya hayun nakapag-enjoy kami. Dami pa namin diyan, siguro lagpas 30 persons hehe kaya napakasaya namin.

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