Saturday, November 7, 2009

Sesame Street's 40th Anniversary!

I just browsed and saw Google's cute logo with Sesame Street's Ernie and Bert. I don't miss them a lot since my 3 year old son still watches them. Sometimes I still get to watch this show with my son. I've learned a lot of things from this show during my childhood days. This show gave us a lot of lessons and I am grateful of them. Happy Anniversary Sesame Street.

Here's the news entry:

Sesame Street celebrates its 40th birthday this year and all of its most beloved characters have been enjoying the party. The development of Sesame Street has been a long journey full of foam letters, number songs and most importantly laughter. Along the way we have been introduced to some of the best loved characters in television including Big Bird, Elmo, Oscar the Grouch (who resides in a trash can) and Bert and Ernie, the show’s notorious buddies who, thanks to Ernie, often get up to no good.

These characters have always been the main source of attraction and their personalities, gimmicks and songs have been Sesame Street’s lifeline since it began. It is these characters that give the show its charm and become best friends to children worldwide who can recite the character's songs and catchphrases. It is widely known that Big Bird can always be relied on for advice and that you can count on Elmo, Oscar and the rest of the gang to make you laugh. But how much do we really know about the genius behind these characters? It's about time we were introduced to the puppeteers responsible for teaching thousands of children their A-Z's.

Wish their show more power. By the way my son learned a lot from them as well. Now, I am thinking of buying new DVDs from them.


Life Moto said...

just posted same article 3 days ago. Now they have Oscar in Google search page.Doon ko lang na laman na meron palang Arabic version nya , Alam Simsim (Arabic: عالم سمسم‎) .

I Miss their theme songs and the gang too.

The Pope said...

I was educated through Sesame Street show, malaki ang naitulong nito sa akin when I was a kid, and even my children malaki ang anging contribution nito sa mga anak ko.

I am glad that it has reaches across the globe, I used to remember all the famous characters and puppets ng show nila, and I guess I can still recall them.

God bless.

iya_khin said...

sesame street cool!

I love count dracula and kermit da frog, da cookie monster also and the twin monsters! yepeee!

ganito yung kanta nila diba...

sunny's about..and ABC's..sleeping to get to sesame street 2x

ehehe!actually hanggan ngayon di ko parin mamemorize and song nila!

Noel Ablon said...

@life - di ko napansin yung post mo, kasi busy ako sa ibang mga online na ginagawa ko hehe.

@pope - oo nga, akala ko noong start ng year 2000 ay nawala na pero ayun pala matunog pa rin sa TV hehe, napansin ko ulit sila nung meron na akong sariling kid.

@iya_khin - siguro nung bata ka pa kapag di ka nakapanood ng sesame street ay umiiyak ka haha!

Maraming salamat sa inyong pagdaan.

Nebz said...

That and the Electric Company are my childhood favorite. At siempre, kasama na ang Kulit Bulilit at Batibot.

Sa jingle pa lang ng Sesame Street, parang bumabalik na agad ako sa panahon ng aking kamusmusan.

(Question: Bakit Google account holders lang ang pwedeng mag-comment sa blog mo? Why don't you open it to other readers as well so they can also comment?).

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