Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Conquering Your Giant!

I was watching "God Rocks" cartoons with my 3-year old son last night and I'm glad I did. Well, let me give you a few background about this show. Their characters are rocks and they talk a lot and they sing as well, since their background voices were actually singers, band to be appropriate.

Last night's episode was about a Splatball game (like baseball but with a twist, the balls have some yukky things inside like peanut butter, barbeque sauce, strawberry jam, etc...) and the main characters are to have a nose-to-knee Splatball game with the new Giant Champions.

Chip, the leader and the Splatball captain tried to spy on their opponents to see the so called giant player the others are talking about using his very own pet dog. Well, to make it quite short. They were caught spying and eventually lead to a very tight situation with the so-called giant.

Game came and everytime the giant player plays, they get into trouble since he always hits homerun and is a very good pitcher as well. Their new player, who is just a pint-sized gem eventually made a lot of scores and of course their captain Chip also and was able to win the game with the help of their coach who is eventually the stone that David used to kill Goliath the giant with the help of God. And this story inspired Chip and the others and made their way through victory with the help of their faith to God.

The story really got me. I started reflecting on My Own Giants. Was I able to conquer them? or was I cowering in fear?

Sometimes we try to cheat on our situation to be victorious but we only end up on a much worst situation than before. Facing life's giant is really something. I remembered a friend, when I tried to ask for an advice. He made a good advice but the advice is not something that I really wanted to hear or something I don't agree with. I thought, "Yeah right! You can say that because you're not in my situation". I felt bad realizing what I just did or thought. I wasn't really asking advice that time maybe, I was asking for someone who would agree with what I had in mind, so it's like cheating. Finding people who would agree on the wrong thing you are about to do doesn't justify that it is the right way.

My Giant keeps on tailing me till now, I tried to face it but everytime I face it, it always wins. So does that mean I have to quit? Then I remembered Peter, one of Jesus' disciple. When they were in the sea and saw Jesus walking on the water. Peter asked Jesus to command him to come and walk on the water to be with Jesus. He asked Jesus' permission and Jesus replied and told him to go. And Peter walked on the water. What we see here is that when it is God's will, He will enable us to do the task He gave us or called us to do.

My point, even the giants that went our way are no match for the power of God and what he can make us do. I'm not saying you can walk on water as Peter did but if it pleases God to do whatever you are thinking of doing, God will certainly make sure you are able to achieve it.

What we fail to see is what Peter failed to see as well while walking on the water. Peter got afraid when he felt the strong wind, he forgot Jesus is just in front of him, the one who made him able to walk on water.

When facing our Giants, don't forget that God is in front of us. Keep our eyes on him so we won't lose our focus. Let us walk by faith and not by sight. - 2 Corinthians 5:7


Reymos said...

We have so many giants to face in a daily basis and we have to challenge them or even defeat them in all means. But sometimes we cant do that without any help from other people or above all having faith on ourselves and on Him to overcome these giants! Every thing is possible but it takes courage, hardwork, perseverance and optimism to make it things happen! We have to believe on our own capabilities and realising that we have limitations that only God will give us the extra strength to win the battle against these giants. All the best...

Noel Ablon said...

Yes, you are right. But often times we forgot where those things came from. The people who supported us are just the pieces that God moved to support us. The strength that we use and the life that we have, any of those things God can take it away just like the storm Pepeng.

Sometimes we have to Giants in order for us to see that there isn't any other way but Him, and that's sad. Hope we don't have to experience such thing in order for God to catch our attention.

Another thing, we often forget to thank God for our blessings and when difficult time comes we tend to blame Him.

Thanks for dropping by Reymos.

The Pope said...

Very inspiring post, thank you for sharing it. We can only conquer fear through faith in God, "Cast your cares on the LORD and he will sustain you; he will never let the righteous fall" (Psalm 55:22).

A blessed morning to you and your family.

Nebz said...

Amen. My giants are fears and problems, and they always beset me. If not for Father God, matagal na akong wala. Because of Him, I exist.

Thanks for your post. At gaya ng show na pinapanood ninyo ng anak mo, all I can say is: God truly rocks!

Noel Ablon said...

In a way fear is a great tool to make us communicate with God. If only people know where to channel their fear then it would be a great weakness.

Problems make us tough so it is still good to have it. Just remember that bros and sis are here to lend a hand.

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