Sunday, August 2, 2009

You Want Challenge and Adventure?

No to challenge, no to failure! Is this you?
Every person has desire for an adventure but never wanted any challenge. Why? Because they are afraid of the outcome. They are afraid to fail. But what if I told you that there is an adventure that no matter if you fail or succeed, you will gain something. It is an adventure and also a challenge for everyone.

Observe yourself, is this true?
Have you ever done something relentlessly? Okay, let’s rephrase the question. Have you done something without thinking of others except yourself? It is something that we’ve done impulsively that reveals our true nature sometimes.

What is our true nature? Humans, even without being taught have tendencies of lying especially when they are in trouble or at fault. When you ask someone at fault with a quick question, they tend to stutter or sometimes will not answer until he/she have made thought of what to say.

When you do something for yourself or say something, have you made thought of what others might say? There are some people that say “I don’t care about what they say as long as I am doing something good”. Even if what you are about to do or say is good; it is still good to think of others. Why? Because not all good things for you will benefit others, sometimes it harms other people.

These are just questions that will greatly influence our daily life adventure.

Evaluate this.
Doing things or saying things without thinking of others is not a challenge. How is that? Imagine a sniper trying to kill a terrorist or someone holding a hostage. It won’t be a challenge if there isn’t any hostage or if he just shoots without really aiming hard. Aiming hard is like thinking of the hostage and being concern that he/she might be hurt by your action.

I remembered when I was new here in Jeddah, I was on the elevator with a person. I don’t know what’s his nationality. He asked me if I am a Filipino, so I answered him “Yes!” while smiling back at him. And then he said “Filipinos!” and then he sighed and then he smirked at me. Imagine how I felt that time. I don’t know what kind of Filipino he encountered before but associating me with that person really hurts me even if that person is also a Filipino. I didn’t do anything wrong that time except being a Filipino. I want to ask him what’s his nationality and then shout his nationality in his face just to let him feel what I feel or maybe worst. Well, that is intentional and not an impulsive thing but he still didn’t think of how I’ll feel. He maybe have said it to make himself feel good about what the other Filipino did to him.

What I am pointing here is how easy it is to do something or say something without thinking of others. There is no challenge in doing it and you don’t benefit anything except a temporary self-satisfaction. But on the other hand, it could leave a permanent scar to someone. In counter-terrorism, the hard part is saving lives without killing innocent people or even catching the leader alive or unharmed.

Level of Difficulty.So what is the challenge?
Can we do our daily things with other people at work, play, home or other places without hurting anyone? The level of difficulty is not set by others but by you. It will always depend on how you think while being with them or your attitude towards them. If you think badly of a person near you; even if you try to hide it, it will eventually show by your actions or will be revealed with a slip of your tongue.

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Life Moto said...

"Because not all good things for you will benefit others, sometimes it harms other people. "
I agree with this one bro. Though it is a lie or white lie we could say. It is better that way rather than hurting other even it is truth and good.

on the other hand it is how we deliver the words coming out from our mouth.

Noel Ablon said...

Yes. so let us be think before we do critical or sensitive things.

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