Saturday, March 17, 2007

Our Little Prince

Choko-choko-choko-choko-choko! said the little prince.
You’ll wonder why, you’ll wonder what,
this blabby princes’ words are about.

Choko-choko, what does it mean?
Does it mean he’s happy or just wants to sing.
or does it mean I want more,
I want more toys to explore.

Yes, this is our prince, a little prince of joy.
Gift from God, a being who loves to ploy.
Watch him shout, watch him play,
and happiness shall fill all your day.

This is a re-post of my original work so I set the dates back when this was originally made.


Noel Ablon said...

My son was around seven months during that time. My first child, first baby boy [if ever there are more to come].

Of course, any new father would be inspired to cuddle their first babies and I am just one of them. I am so inspired that I made a poem just for him.

I love my baby boy Ize.

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