Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Our Paradise Trip

December 6, 2008 was when we went to Paradise Resort in Malolos. Me (Noel) along with my wife Leah, son Ize, my Mom, my siblings - Candy and Tonton, cousins - Dianne, Yeye, Chacha, Chris and aunt Racquel. It was a day I won't forget and am looking forward to do it again maybe in a different location maybe. It was an impulsive decision that me and my wife did but we are truly glad we made that decision. My vacation there in Manila is quite short, okay not quite but really, really short so to make it worth while some of our plans got cancelled and new things sprout and was made.

Paradise Resort is the last thing that went on my mind. And since we are processing papers in Malolos, we decided to use that oppotune time to make the best of it. Paradise Resort is located at Malolos Bulacan, about an hour or less from Balintawak, Quezon City.

All I can say is that the money was worth. So if you are an OFW (Overseas Filipino Worker) and has a very, very strict budget or low on funds, Paradise Resort is where you should be. It wasn't summer so the fare at the resort was exremely low. My total expenses amounted less than 3000 Pesos. We don't even have a car or a van, we only asked some FX owners and gave them 500 Pesos + I paid the toll gate fare (less than 100 Pesos) and we rode a bus going home so it is much comfortable for us.

I have been in Paradise Resort more than once but this one is different. They have added waves as an attraction. They made a special place and landscaped it like a beach resort. From time to time they activate the waves which accumulates up to 6 feet or more I think. And since it is not summer, there are less people in the area so we got to enjoy it so much. Just a quick tip: When you're quite a thrill seeker, when the waves are activated, there is a small cave there, go inside and just sit there and let the waves hit you. Be careful though, the rocks are real, so are the bruises you'll get.

All in all the outcome was great. My son Ize, despite the coldness of the water does not seem to care a bit about the chills he's feeling. He is enjoying and that is what's important. My wife kept on telling me, how she enjoyed our outing. And as for me, it doesn't matter where I am - as long as I am with my family, I am happy and always having fun with them. That's it for now. I'll be posting more pictures in my next post.

Here are some of our happy moments:


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