Sunday, December 9, 2012

An Unscheduled Fine Dining Experience

Friday - December 7, while meeting a long-time friend who we haven't seen for awhile in Balad, we received a call from another friend from Riyadh (Sir Allan, thank you very much!) and was eventually invited for a dinner at Al Diwan Restaurant in Radisson's Blu Hotel. It was actually an event held by the company we are in business with. The organizers have also prepared a presentation and we were given pointers on how we should take care of our business. The presentation was really educational and inspirational as well.

After the presentation, we were invited to go to the lounge for the buffet dinner we have been waiting for. We have tried eating at a hotel restaurant in Hongkong before but the experience at Al Diwan's was more exciting, not just because it was free but the food was much tastier and probably because of wider varieties and some were quite exotic too.
It was a great dinner experience we did not expect. We are on a tight budget (since we are saving for the coming holidays) so to have something extravagant for free was something really amazing. We really enjoyed our moment. Now, what I had on my plate was some Tabbouleh, fish fillet, roasted quail (or small chicken, don't know we didn't ask) with basmati rice and two kinds of cheese while my wife had some of what I had too plus some raw tuna and some steamed veggies and we both enjoyed some of their mushroom soup too.

We took some of their assorted cakes and fruits as deserts too. It was a complete meal we never imagined. Okay about their food, the fish fillet was quite salty and the small chicken or probably quail was quite dry but it was seasoned well. Overall, we had a great time, Ize had his moment until he had a stomach cramps (that's what we thought but after going to the clinic, the doctor found him having a UTI and was under a IV for an hour or two). All the while, Noah enjoyed his sleep after a few nibs of mushroom soup.
We went home full and with a happy stomach. Thank again Sir Allan for a wonderful buffet dinner. God bless us all and have a great day. Here are some of our pictures taken during and after our dinner.


Zummi said...

I really enjoyed your post. I never experienced eating in a fine dining restaurants like this and by looking at your photos it seems that you had a great time together. Thank you for sharing this with us .

Rhen Dumaran said...

I do get interested in your blog. I been in some fine dining in manila, but I haven't try this one. Thank you for sharing this.

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