Thursday, April 5, 2012

Happy 6th Birthday Ize!

Today is my son's 6th birthday and he is already so excited about his special day which will be celebrated later at 6pm til 8pm at McDonalds. This will be the first time we'll celebrate his birthday on the exact day of his special day. All preparations were done already. I've finished designing the poster and got the printout last Monday and packed the loot bags for the children as well. Last year's theme was Cars from Disney Pixar's Lightning McQueen and now since he loves to play Super Hero Squad on PS2, I made the new theme about superheroes and he immediately loved the idea. Here is the poster that I have designed.

Here are some other teasers I made.

Noah is dressed up as Superman for his older brother's 6th birthday. He is so cute.
To promote the Superhero costume contest, I used Angry Bird's Angry Heroes.
I had no idea that there was Angry Heroes until I found a shirt with this cute prints. I almost bought the shirt but I was so cheap to buy it (lol!) - I didn't like the design anyways. To all who are invited, hope to see you there later.

Ssssshhh! He has no idea of our special gift for him. He waited a long time to have this special gift - a brand new PSP. A good tip for everyone: It's a good time to buy a PSP now since PSVita has just launched and Sony just dropped PSP's price. Oh man, this just made me feel cheap again, lol!

To my son,

Happy Birthday to you. I can't ask for anything less and just hope for the best. I am always proud of you. Keep up the good work in being a good son and a good student. God bless you and we always love you.

You'll find some of my other designs at DeviantArt here.


Mylene said...

Happy Birthday to Ize!!!
I hope he'll have a great time!

Noel said...

thanks Mylene for the greetings, he did enjoy his birthday.

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