Monday, January 16, 2012

The Five Important Baby Words, AMAZING!

This morning I was chatting with my Mom and my sister and had an exchanged greetings. Afterwards, my sister shared a video to me about a woman who supposedly discovered 5 important words that babies say to their guardian which were actually baby's reflexes. I watched the video and was amazed at how familiar the words are to me because we always here Encee here it. So to test if it is true, I tried to memorize the words or sound's meaning. 

Here they are: 
neh - the baby is hungry 
eh - the baby wants to burp 
heh - a very common sound I hear from Encee which means discomfort, mostly about their diapers being full 
owh - the baby is sleepy 
eair - the baby has gas or they are having some stomach ache 

After watching the video, I kept in my mind the words I've learned and try to really listen to Encee's words and was really amazed. The first words I've heard was "Neh" which means he is hungry. I gave him milk immediately and was more amazed that he really was hungry. It followed the words "eh", "heh" and "eair" and like Priscilla Dunstan said - our babies do really communicate to us and what all she said was true. 

Here is the video of her being interviewed by Oprah.  

Amazing isn't it? I really am going to need this since I am going to be an at home Dad from now on. God bless to all and thanks for visiting.


Gwapito said...

Probably, differs from country to country?

Noel said...

nope, I've heard my son said the same thing. it's kinda cool and very helpful.

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