Tuesday, December 6, 2011

My Christmas Wishlist

Nineteen more days to go before Christmas and more and more people are getting into the spirit already. People nowadays are busy making their shopping lists; some are busy decorating their houses with Christmas decors and ornaments while most people are preparing recipes for their Noche Buena this coming Christmas Eve. Some are even making their lists of special things to buy for their loved ones or made their Christmas wishlist already. Christmas is the most-loved tradition and most favorite occasion among Filipinos. And because it is a tradition, most people already forget why they celebrate the occasion –they just happily celebrate.

Our pastor sent us a message through Facebook reminding us why people celebrate Christmas. Why do we really celebrate Christmas? The root word for Christmas is Christ which pertains to the name of Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior. Christ is the very reason for the season.
Our new cute bundle of joy - Noah.

A Blessing of Hope

A week ago, while I was buying some decorations for our Christmas tree, an Arab lady was standing right next to me. She was looking for a very nice Christmas decoration for their wall. She approached me and asked me if I found a wall decor that has a Santa Claus in it. I showed her the one that I saw while browsing most of the store’s items. She said “Thank you and Merry Christmas”. I replied happily and said “You’re welcome and Merry Christmas to you too”. Before I went out of the store, I saw her meet another Arab lady carrying a lot of Christmas decorations and heard their conversation about what other things to put on their Christmas tree. It wasn’t the first time for me to find Arab people celebrating Christmas but I am still surprised whenever I see one. Actually, there is this happy feeling inside me whenever I see an Arab person celebrating Christmas. I must be hoping that they celebrate Christmas because of Jesus as well and hope that they are Christians and have the same blessed hope. 

My Saddest and Happiest Christmas

I remember my first Christmas here in Saudi Arabia. I was still homesick that time because I just came from Manila that time. I came here in Jeddah - Saudi Arabia on the 8th of November-1998 so you can imagine how sad I was to be celebrating Christmas far from my family. I was beginning to get used to the new people around me when the news of us going to Riyadh came. To make the story short, the four of us (Filipinos mostly – Jon, Waltz, Jef and I) were sent to Riyadh and we went there to finish a project that was started before I even came. It was my saddest Christmas ever and to make it worst, we extended our time there until after New Year so it was also my saddest New Year ever.
Our two wonderful gifts from God.
Fast forward to the present, I am still here in Saudi Arabia but I am not going to be sad this time. This time, it’ll be my happiest Christmas ever. God gave us a very special gift in advance and we are happy to have him with us. Noah Caleb “EnCee”, as most of you know, came to us earlier than we expected and we were very thankful to God for giving EnCee safely to us. I am so blessed to have my family with me that is why even though we went through a lot this year, we are happy because it is not usual for an OFW – Overseas Filipino Worker to have their family with them.

Yesterday, I read about Samsung's new promotion for coming Christmas and it was actually what inspired me to do this article. How, I wish my wishlist to be among the digitally drawn wishlist. I asked my son Ize what he wanted for Christmas and guess what he asked for? A PS3, PSP or an XBOX 360 - he actually read my wishlist in my mind (lol!). Actually, two things kept on battling on my head - a brand new Nikon D7000 or a new laptop but both are optional since we are in a very tight budget. 

One Christmas Wish for All

Their is one particular wish I have on my list this coming Christmas. I hope and pray for all to have a very blessed Christmas. Family is still the best medicine for conquering sadness this Christmas. So for all OFWs celebrating Christmas far from their family, it is best to equip yourself financially by earning enough at least to make a phone call and have a quite long conversation with your love ones or have a chat with them. God bless.


hoshi jr said...

Merry Christmas and happy News year. this post is very warm and light.
Good thing your family is with you now.

Mabuhay po and happy blogging!

Noel said...

thanks for dropping by hoshi, indeed I am so happy and blessed that my family is with me.

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