Wednesday, February 9, 2011

So Many Things to Do!

I have so many things to do yet so little time. I am so busy with a lot of things and I am unable to finish Baul ni Noel's new layout which eventually delays my baul's dot-com too.  I want to feel good about Baul's new home with a new layout.

After finishing the layout,  I still have to integrate it here at Blogger which is kinda messy and could definitely distort things -specially my widgets. I hope I find time for it next week or next-next-week (lol!) after I am finish with my other projects at hand.

"Sahod, please dumating ka na! Isa ka pang nagpapa-delay ng lahat! hehe!" I really just want to shout it outloud.

To all those who added my blog to their blogrolls and if you don't see your blog in my blogroll, PLEASE make a comment and inform me of your blog - I would love to add your blog. Thanks and God bless to all.

Side comment about Angelo Reyes' death. I hope his death won't hinder justice. I hope this time, justice will prevail.


Bino said...

tagal ng sahod mo parekoy :)

iya_khin said...

huhuhu bakit ako wala sa BR mo? iyak na ako!!! waaaaahhhh

xLeon said...

Bino - Super! hehe!

iya_khin - ayun, nandoon ka na! Thanks! :)

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