Friday, February 18, 2011

Photography in KSA

You remember my post about Saudi Arabia's tourism entitled "Are They Really Ready for Tourism?" where I have blurted out all my frustrations about photography in Saudi Arabia - I think they have read it (just kidding). Well, a fellow blogger (thanks Ron!) posted in Facebook about the good news. They have a law where anyone can take pictures as long as there isn't any no picture taking signs posted in the area. Now, I won't be afraid to take pictures anymore as long as I bring the document I'll be sharing you guys.

So to all those Photography hobbyist that is situated in Saudi Arabia, here is the good news for you guys. Just print this out and put inside your camera bag. Enjoy photography!

Here is the file - enjoy!


Misalyn said...

Good news talaga yan para sa mga mahilig magpiktyur-piktyur.

Looking forward to seeing more of your photos. Wanna join the "City Daily Photo" community?

Nortehanon said...

It's a great news. Now I feel lucky andito ako sa Pinas where I can take pictures of almost everything hahaha!

Looking forward to viewing your pics.

Noel said...

Waah! medyo tinamad nga ako in the process hehe! Hirap kasi ng SLR dahil kailangan pang ipa-expose yung negative to get results. Thanks for visiting people.

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