Thursday, January 20, 2011

Blogging for Friendship!

I was watching Jessica Soho's Kapuso yesterday and I was amazed at some of their featured bloggers who were already famous for what they're doing. So blogging is really in these days. Most of them even earned a lot just for their blogging (how I wish for the same oppotunity).

In Facebook, my latest addiction is to exchange ideas and have a quick chat with some other bloggers at U-BLog (United Bloggers) and KaBlogs (Kabayan Bloggers) where most pinoy bloggers lurk. Met a few new friends and found new ideas - thanks guys. In reality, I am a shy person (slightly lol!) and making friends is quite hard for a person who hardly make efforts in INITIATING a conversation. Few people would find me snob at first glance, even my wife had the same idea but that time I was really shy coz I really like her the first time I saw her (okay, this story is not about our love story so I'll cut it hehe!).

However, blogging filled some empty space in me. Even when I was a child making friends for me is quite hard. But if people get through my barrier, they'll eventually find a talkative, joker, clown and sometimes an opinionated person but most of the time you'll find me lurking in the corner just listening to all conversations. So if ever you saw this characteristics while we are together that means you got through my barrier.
My Barrier or Fear
I don't treat that barrier a very bad thing for me, sometimes it serves as my protection but most of the time it is a challenge. Sometimes, I also break it myself so I can get a chance to know some people and reach or probably break their barriers as well but I seldom do it (lol!). That is me!

Another fear of mine is public speaking or just being the center of everyone's attention. One great thing happened to me that even our school's Personality Development Training Program didn't accomplish is overcoming the fear of talking to people or like public speech or just plainly talking to a crowd. God provided me that gift and I thank Him for that. Although I conquered my fear of public speaking, I still am not able to find the courage in making that initial conversation (weird hmmm?).
So to summarize this, my confidence is down low (yeah! you said it). Thanks to God, He gave me confidence which is really a great gift for me. Reading this article from top to bottom made me think -- what am I talking about here? what is my goal? (lol!) .

I guess what I am trying to say here is....

Blogging made it easier for me to find NEW friends and I thank God for the confidence that He gave me. I can use it to strenghten new friendships I find along the way. Others maybe blogging for money,  food or places to go, I am blogging for friendship!
God bless you all and thank you.


Bhing said...

absolutely correct that tru blogging you will meet friends in different walks of life.

... blogging is one of the best way to fight HOMESICKNESS! :)

NFB said...

Being the hardworking blogger that you are, you definitely can make money out it. Remember JKS is inviting bloggers to write articles for a certain site for a fee. I think it's a good opportunity for you also.

And I was right the first time we met, na shy-type ka nga sa umpisa lang, but based on your write-ups I can say you are opinionated and have very strong views about anything and everything under the sun (lol!)

Ano pa hinihintay mo mag-apply ka na ky modir kenji, naghihintay lng sya sa mga masisipag gaya mo.

POY said...

go go go lang parekoy!! sharing your thoughts and emotions is kinda different, it's something that is not common to all and most of the time it's better to blog it out than to say it directly...

RHYCKZ said...

i agree with ate bhing! (yun lang ang nasabi ko..hahahha)

indeed its true that blogging & reading others blog fight homesickness especially for us, OFW's...kaya go lang ng go, blog lang ng blog...


Anonymous said...

i blog for fun, memories and friendship! glad to have known you kuya Noel!


kayni said...

same here, i found really great people, now my friends, through blogging.

Bino said...

i agree. marami ako'ng mga naging kaibigan mula ng pasukin ko ang blogging industry. blogging is not just earning money. sa mundon'g ito, mas marami kang nakakasalumha at nagkakaroon ka n g self confidence. ewan ko kung may katuturan pa ang mga sinasabi ko. hehehe

The Psalmist said...

a big big big smile :)

God Bless Noel!

Noel said...

Now, I'm wishing na sana na-install ko yung threaded comments noon pero huli na kaya I have to go with the flow. Thank sa lahat ng nag-comment.

Di ko alam sasabihin ko, naipunan ako ng comment hehe! Okay let's try this.

Bhing - oo nga from all walks talaga at iba-iba ang ugali pero welcome ang lahat.

NFB - nakuha ko na yung requirements, di ako pasado. Ang lupit di naman ako magaling sa grammar eh haha!

Poy - salamat sa iyong pagbisita. Oo, medyo madamdamin itong Baul na ito hehe!

Rhyckz - oo nga minsan talaga you to unwind para mapawi ang homesickness mo and one way to do that is to Blog. Thanks sa pag-bisita.

rainbow box / kayni - thanks. I am glad to know both of you.

Bino - iba-iba ang pakay sa simula pero sa benefits nagkakatugma-tugma ang bawat isa, ang galing hehe! Thanks.

Psalmist - smiles from Jeddah to Doha hehe! God bless!

-- God bless and sana ma-meet ko kayo someday!

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