Tuesday, December 28, 2010

The Eventful December

This past few days was something for me. It was fun, tiring and very eventful as well. Christmas, Galas, outing, etc... Let's see how I'll be able to tell you all about "those" happenings.

Dec 16 - a very eventful day. JCF Couples Christmas Gathering / PEBA Gala Night / PEBA Jeddah EB. I cooked palabok for the PEBA EB and for our churches Friday morning service.

When I went home that they, all I could think of was PEBA or Pinoy Expats Blog Awards. I've said the story already in my previous article. The stuff where I was so nervous while watching the streaming video while cooking - yes that's it and you can read it here. It was 7pm already yet I was still packing, I hope Kenji won't mind my being tardy that time, I don't think he won't mind. I just remembered, I was the earliest (I think) to arrive the last PEBA Jeddah EB - July that I was part of hehe.

Anyways, back to that eventful day. I decided to wait for my wife coz I still feel a bit "shy" hehe! I thought it is also best to bring her with me so Kenji and the rest of the PEBA Jeddah Bloggers to know the whole Baul ni Noel family who were my inspirations.

My sister Vangie receiving my 4th place award.
When I heard what my blog won, I felt joy and my heart rejoiced - it was something great! It is a very rare award for me so you can imagine how I feel. Okay, so we went to Kenji's house which is situated in front of the very busy place of Jareer Falasteen. It is a good thing the taxi driver decided NOT to use Falasteen Road or we'll be stuck there forever.

When we arrived, PEBA Jeddah Bloggers are there already - Nelson of ¡SOY NEGRENSE!, Pepe of Camera ni Cabrera / X-Spot / ¡Superextraordinarisimo!, Ron of My Kaleidoscope World and Kenji of Thoughtskoto. Sir NJ wasn't there but there is hope for another EB. It felt great to see new people as well and by the way it was my first time to see Ron. Honestly, I didn't even know he was the author of one of the blogs I am following and he was so silent the whole time we were there. He didn't even told me what his blog is or maybe I just didn't gave him a chance (lol!).

left-right: Nelson, Ron, Pepe, Noel and Kenji
Before we started the party, Kenji asked me to lead the prayer and it made me feel a bit nervous. I didn't feel nervous because I wasn't ready but I felt nervous because I don't know most of their visitors - I don't know if I'll be offending somebody with my prayer or what but I guess it is okay since Kenji was in control -but still I felt nervous (lol!).

Another reason we were there was to celebrate Nelson's birthday. He really had a great birthday gift that time for winning the 5th place (Again, congrats NFB). Pepe also won (congrats!) 5th place among the PEBA Top 10 International Photo of the Year. And since I also won, I guess we had a few more additions to our celebration.

We also had an exchange gift and what I got was still a puzzle for me. I'll have to research one time of its usage (lol!).

Ize playing with Hevyn
Ize had fun playing with Hevyn that time. It was nice to see how accommodating Hevyn was for entertaining her visitor friend - Ize. Leah took a few cute pictures that time -of Hevyn and Ize playing. I also felt proud of Ize for being responsible that time. We always told him to take care of the little ones when he's playing with them, avoid hurting them and be very careful because they get hurt easily.

When it was our time to leave, we said our goodbyes. Kenji assured of another EB when NJ comes back.

It was almost dinner time when we reached our second event - JCF Couples Christmas Gathering. We also had an exchange gift there. For security purposes and confidentiality, I feel the need to make the details private. In general, much have been learned about "Christmas" that time and a blessing of unity and brotherhood bond was strengthened. Exchanging of gifts ruled! And we all had fun with our gifts.

We went home tired with a smile.

Dec 23-24 - JCF General Christmas Gathering. It was an overnight event but we were only available Friday morning for the main event. We had a worship service about Christmas with a few visitors this time.

Aiza on hot seat. (Kusina! Pwede!)
We celebrated Christmas after the service and we enjoyed exchanging gifts by guessing what it is inside the box. We also got to play "Pinoy Henyo" JCF version. It was really fun, I never knew it was more fun when it is played first hand. The energy and excitement filled the air as brothers and sisters shout "Oo", "Hindi" and "Pwede" while others try to almost give the clue. If they were at Eat Bulaga, they'd be thrown out and the contestant will be disqualified -but who cares, we are on a different level of fun.

We took pictures after the event and I get to use my SLR once again. Too bad with a little more experience I'd have taken better shots (okay more experience probably). But it was worthwhile to see good results anyway.

I guess I'll call this a day for now. I'll tell more stories next time, it is late already and I'm a bit sleepy. I just blogged to make myself sleepy and I don't want this feeling to subside. See you next time guys. God bless.


Pinaywriter said...

Pinoy henyo is so popular now as a parlor game. It's so LOL-worthy kasi.

I hope Nelson had a good bday celebration. ^^

See, pasko can be celebrated anywhere. ^^

Marz said...

Congratulations on winning that award!

NFB said...

The most action-filled post I have read in a long time. Andaming activities no? But really we had so much fun that eventful day. After the party at Kenji's we went to another that lasted till 8am.

Hope the new year brings another fun-filled experience for Jeddah bloggers. Happy new year Noel, Leah and Ize!

Gremliness said...

Hi Noel,

So sorry, ngayon lang ako magsulat dito. Like you, it had been busy days for me too.

Thanks a lot for coming by my site after the awarding. A big Congratulations too =)

It's so nice to see you guys gather together there, especially with Ize and Hevyn. Pag sakaling naisipan ninyong dito sa Dubai mag-EB, sama nyo kami ha? =)

May your family have a blessed 2011 ahead...

Noel said...

@Pinaywriter - sobrang saya ng aming parlor game, kahit isa lang basta "Pinoy Henyo". And yes, Nelson had a great day - dami niya handa eh haha!

Pasko is everywhere!

@Marz - thank you very much for the visit.

@NFB - super dami talaga, kakapagod pero masaya hehe!

@Gremliness - Dubai EB wow! naisip ko tuloy, ako yata ang pinakamapalad pagdating sa pag-travel at makipag-EB. I am 100% sure mapupunta kami ng Dubai for a visit pero di ko alam kelan and yes hopefully, we all meet there mga PEBA Dubai meets Baul.

Happy New Year

Pepe Cabrera said...

Eventful indeed. Although brief, I enjoyed our mini Christmas party at Kenjie's apartment. Nagustohan ko nga yung nakuha ko sa ating exchange gift eh, yung alcancia na LPG tank. LOL!

Congratulations again sa pagkapanalo mo sa PEBA. Happy New Year!

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