Saturday, October 9, 2010

Making Pizza with Ize

This afternoon, I was thinking of merienda and just decided to have a pizza. It is too hot outside and the nearest Pizza store is a taxi away so I decided to make our own pizza using our old bread (old but not spoiled okay). To make it more fun, I invited Ize to help me make a pizza that way it will also entice him to eat the pizza. So here it is, I present to you the artist who made my header image - Ize.

IZE: This is how you make a home-made pizza.
Here are the things that you'll need.
Here is what you need to do:
  1. Prepare the stripped hotdogs, it is best to fry it first until it is cooked like your regular hotdog (this will make the hotdogs quite crispy when it's done).  Then set it aside on any container with a tissue to suck the oil from it.
  2. Get one slice of bread. You can use an old bread (again, old but not spoiled). Place in on a clean surface.
  3. Get 1 tablespoon of pizza sauce or spaghetti sauce and spread it on the sliced bread. You can add some more sauce as long as it covers the top.
  4. Put some cheese, more would be great.
  5. Put onions, mushroom and hotdog strips.
  6. Put some cheese again.
  7. Place inside an oven (electric or gas) and bake for about 5 minutes. If you have an electric oven, it would be best to activate upper and lower heater for 3 minutes and then use only the lower for 2 minutes so the toppings won't get burned.
While waiting for the Pizza, you can play or watch  TV with your love one. After it is done, Presto! You have your home-made pizza and you were able to bond with your love one.

Ize was so happy making his own pizza and he enjoyed the pizza that he made. You can add more toppings as it pleases you.

God bless and enjoy your day with your love one making this pizza. It's a true parent-child bonding experience.


mightydacz said...

nice one...father and son bonding..,i like the comiks style photos....may tira pa penge naman...

Noel said...

Thanks, nilagyan ko ng arte para naman di boring hehe! Ubos na pero I'll ask him to make more for you hehe!

Pinaywriter said...

I loveeeeeeeee homemade pizza. And making something together is always a great way to bond. And of course, being Filipino, that something is almost always food. ^_^
Your kid is sooo kawaii!~

Rej said...

cooking is indeed fun when you're doing it with a loved one specially with a kid. parang play lang. Cool! :D

Noel said...

@pinaywriter - thanks for visiting, and yes my son is really cute - thanks hehe!

@rej - kids always love to eat something they are part of -specially when they are the ones who made it.

Life Moto said...

wow ang galing naman ni ize. nag enjoy na natuto p gumawa ng pizza

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