Saturday, October 2, 2010

Legalize all Illegal Things? -Now na!

Jueteng has lived long enough since the Spanish period to withstand any more anti-jueteng campign as they all failed miserably. Maybe it is time for the government to look into the other direction and consider making it legal and reap benefits from it" said Estrada.

Wow! He really knows the history of Jueteng.

Why don't they just legalize Assassinations as well, even before the Spanish era assassination is there already? People have made laws and also failed miserably. Imagine the line of people eager to work as assassins and they can put a big tax out of it. I remember when my father was killed by a drug addict, a murderer and a grandson of a Mayor who successfully avoided imprisonment and even got out of the country and probably in US by now. During the funeral, there were I think two who approached me and offered me their service. They said that they knew of the guy and they are willing to kill that person for money - "5000 pesos lang, itutumba ko yun kung gusto mo." - remarked the guy. Another one person approached me (I'll just make him anonymous since he is close to me and my father), he'll do it for FREE! He just wants my blessing "Sabihin mo lang!" -that's his words and he is very serious about it. In my mind, why would I let them have the pleasure of killing that person. But of course I won't do such a thing -you all think I could do it? Shame on you -lol!

I know it is cruel but what I want to point out is; people voted for them because they believe they can do something about our country's problem and the only solution they'll come-up is to legalize it? If they can't do anything about it then what are they doing in their offices? Should they even govern if they could not even do something about the problem. The law is there already, they just have to make it work. What will people think if the people could see that even they themselves do not believe in the system of our government - shame on them!

Even if Jueteng is to be legalized, a new illegal gambling method will be invented. I don't know but I thought Lottery was supposedly the legalized version of jueteng,. Now they want to add jueteng?

For sure once jueteng is legalized, more things will come-up. Abortion, divorce and prostitution are probably on its way too. It is a good thing that the integrity of the senate inquiry of the Jueteng issue was maintained by Sen. Ferdinand Marcos Jr. against these roaring lions who are looking for someone to devour.
"I think at this point the discussion on jueteng must still refocus itself on the wrongdoings of officials in allowing the numbers games to continue. (Legalization) for me should be considered a separate issue," -Sen. Ferdinand Marcos Jr.
But I think there is a good intention in Jinggoy's proposal;
The government can finally collect the revenues sourced from this numbers game, make use of the proceeds to finance important government programs, deny syndicates the opportunity to benefit from it and stamp out corruption," said Estrada.
-- Looks like a bribe to me. And about stamping out the corruption? The proposal itself is the offered corruption to the nation. I don't know --you judge it.

Refer to (GMANews: Senator Jinggoy files bill to legalize jueteng)


Life Moto said...

if you can't fight them join them. better pa nga para legally marami mapapaglaan na projects ng government, wag lang gamitin sa campaign sa election.

Noel said...

Hirap naman yata kung lagi na lang ganun. Parang anak na kinukunsinti lagi sa kalokohan niya.

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