Saturday, September 4, 2010

The Proud Parent

Ize pretending to be Super Larry

Ize pretending it is cold.
Having a big salary, house and lot, car and other luxurious things maybe a good thing to have but nothing beats a healthy living with your family. A child that looks up on you even when the world looks down on you. You may look small to others and you may feel weak but to your child you are a big person because of the great things you offer to him/her and you are a strong person that they can rely on.

Be a happy parent and be proud of it. It is a wealth with great value. It is a present with great love from above. I always thank God for the great privilege He gave me - a job and a life together with my family ,a blessing of having to see my child grow. 

Nothing special today, just sharing thoughts. God bless to all parents out there - it is always our day.


Rej said...

ang cute. sigurado ako lalaki syang mabuting tao kasi mahal na mahal sya ng parents nya. :)

NFB said...

I can tell from your other posts napaka good and obedient boy si Ize. It's all about the upbringing kase, so he must be very proud of his parents too. Very nice family. Have a safe Eid holiday na lang Noel!

Noel said...

@rej - thanks for dropping by, I know he'll be a nice man when he grows-up because he follows a good path even from his childhood.

@NFB - Thanks Nelson, oo napakabait at masunurin niya. Minsan di maiiwasang maging pasaway siyempre bata but I am proud kasi he listens to his parents. If not... hehe!

vivapinay said...

Such a cute boy!!!

Happy to read how happy you are in raising your handsome Ize..

I am a proud parent as well.. a proud Pinay!!

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