Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Parents, Choose TV Programs for your Kids

Last night, I decided to re-scan all our cable channels and re-pick all the english channels that we can watch. As a Christian parent of a 4-year old boy, it is my duty to pick the programs/channels for my child that will enable him (Ize) to gain some good lessons and I prefer it to be faith-based lessons. One of my most favorite free-channel for Ize is the TBN's Smile of a Child channel - it is a christian network. A lot of good cartoon shows can be seen in this channel (Actually, most of them are good and the rest are just boring but still good.)

Davey and GoliathAfter deleting all the unwanted channels which involves free adult related channels (you know what I mean). I decided to lock on the good channels and made Smile of Child Channel 1. It was during that time when Ize decided to sit with me so I tuned it to channel 1. The TV show involves a child and a dog. It is a rather old claymation so I thought it could be boring but I was amazed to hear my son calling the child's name and the dog's name. The boy's name was Davey and dog is Goliath (named after David and Goliath). So it seems he loves this show, so to my curiousity of why an old claymation tv show would interest my son, I decided to join him.

I am glad I did join him. The episode was about Davey, Goliath and Sally (Davey's sister) going to an abandoned mine. Davey ignored the danger signs and was trapped inside the cave. Even if I don't know if Ize can really understand me, I explained Ize about the danger sign and what Davey's mistake is. He just nods and continue to watch the show. He keeps on saying "wawa!" (kawawa in tagalog / pitiful in english ). I remembered as an adult, I can relate to this tv show as well. If we keep on ignoring God's warnings, the signs that he gave us - we'll get in trouble in the end. Now, while trapped in the cave, Davey realized his mistake - asked God for help and came the help he asked.

If we ever fell or trapped in Satan's schemes, do not ever feel sorry for yourself. There is a God that can help us when we are in need. And in order for us not to be trapped in Satan's scheme, don't ignore the warnings. Satan maybe a roaring lion but who can be against God.

I hope this TV show would be available for every child to see. In case you don't have it in your channel, it is available in DVDs already. I'm planning to purchase one after I get my bonus, I know it will be worth it. God bless you all.


NoBenta said...

thanks for this very nice post. you see i have kids (twins) who are four months old and i'm looking for tv shows i can show them when i come back home to the philippines. i'm looking for dvd copies of "your baby can read", "the flying house", "superbook". i'll include your suggestion in my list.

you see, as a responsible parent, i don't want see my kids watching senseless programs. i love cartoon network and nickelodeon but the animations there are really stupid. i wish programs like "batibot", "atbp." and "sesame street" would be back on air for the sake of our children.

Noel said...

Thanks for reading. There are a lot of TV shows in Smile of a Child that is really great for children. And sometimes adult can relate too.

Yes, like me I like Cartoon Network and nickelodeon but some tv shows/cartoons are quite violent nowadays so it would really be great if we could see some of our old favorites that include this great lessons for children.

Nebz said...

I admire the way you are being a father to Ize. Naniniwala ako na kapag pinalaki mong may paggalang sa Panginoong Hesus ang bata, lalaki sya'ng matino at may paggalang sa sarili at sa iba.

xLeon said...

Nebz - salamat Nebz. Naniniwala kasi ako na kung ano ang iyong itatanim sa iyong mga anak at kalalakihan nila ang siyang susi sa kanilang sariling pag-unlad. Hindi tayo habang buhay nandito para sa kanila.

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