Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Kind Hearted OFWs, BEWARE!

Awhile ago, I received an email from my brother-in-law stating that a kind-hearted OFW (Overseas Filipino Worker) has just been arrested for a crime he did not commit. It is quite disturbing, since us Filipinos is known for the trait the most people take advantage of - "Pakikisama". Okay here is the story.
There was a Filipino who was asked at the Philippine airport to carry 4 pairs of flip-flops (Islander brand slippers) from somebody he barely know to Saudi Arabia. With a kind heart that he has, he did just to help. Upon arrival in Saudi, he was apprehended for reason that he didn't know until after several days of detainment. In those flip-flops were around 700gms of Methamphetamine Hydrochloride stuffed in. Now he is suffering from a crime he did not commit. THE ONLY MISTAKE HE DID IS BEING KIND HEARTED.
I've googled and checked if this was true since I am in Saudi Arabia and I also didn't read any news about this nor heard of it. I didn't find anything but I was able to find a news article from GMA7 which resembles it - read about it.

I believe these were just rumors made by some people who like to brag things. And to support this matter, they spread it so once the person they told of eventually met other people who heard of this rumor, they will eventually conclude it is true.

Well, true or not, we OFWs must beware in taking packages from strangers. If we must, we should ask that person that we will have to thoroughly inspect the package, if they disagree then they have to find another person to carry it. It’s not their neck that is on the line so they’ll have to comply.

Sadly, most of us OFWs are quite prone to this. It is not the "Pakikisama" that is endangering us, it is those who abuse it. I remember back then, I just asked the person what's inside the package and then that is already good for me. Now, I won't be able to do that and I feel sad about it since it means that more and more people are taking advantage of our "Pakikisama". I just hope this won't greatly affect everyone who was always kind-hearted.

So that's it, to all OFWs who are going to have their vacations or who is on their way back to their work jobsite. May joy fill(ed) your heart and please be aware of this matter, pass this information to all your OFW friends. God bless you all.


NoBenta said...

yan ang hirap minsan sa nakikisama...naaabuso!! we should really be cautious with the people who ask us for this kind of favor.

Life Moto said...

kaya nga bro kahit na kakilala ko ang nagpapadala sa akin ay sinisigurado kong nakabukas ang package nila bago ko tanggapin. mahirap na masubo. lalo na nasa ibang bansa makalaboso.

FishHawk said...

"Baul ni Noel" has been included in this weeks Sites To See. I hope you like the image I featured, and I hope this helps to attract many new visitors here.


Francesca said...

Si frenchman ko nagagalit bakit daw masaya pa ako mag bitbit ng mga abubot ng mga kababayan, once meron nag padala, stuff toy sa anak niya, pinisa pisa ko and told sa nagpadala, i have to check, baka may adik adik, lol

then me pinoy na nag fine ng 150pesos dahil sa isang luggage niya meron ten rolex fake watches na pinakidala lang din.

If manood kau ng australian and uk border control, you will understand, why we should NOT bring stuff that are not ours.
meron pa nga sa akin papadala 25K euros, bayaran ako ng 7k pesos!
sinagot ko with that money, dapat ikaw na umuwi niyan!

Noel said...

Parang ayoko na tuloy tumanggap ng padala. Pero okay lang naman pag friends mo talaga. Kaya lamg minsan may sumosobra na halos kilo-kilo kung magpadala. Tapos naalala ko meron pa na gusto kami pa ang bumili nung ipapadala niya pabalik eh mataray si misis kaya sinabi niya na "Ipabili mo na lang sa kamag-anak mo tapos meet na lang namin siya, paghahanapin mo pa kami nung pinapabili mo, ano ka ba?" medyo napahiya tuloy hehe! Kaya ayun sa iba na lang nagpabili at nagpadala haha!

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