Sunday, October 20, 2019

The Big Chefs Visit

Eating has been one of the greatest hobbies of Filipinos around the world. And when we Pinoys are eating, we're likely to talk about food as well. As for my family, we like to try out varieties of food, we enjoy it too much I decided to start blogging about foodventures or restaurant review again. 

From what I observed, even here in Jeddah, Filipinos love to hang-out in restaurants. Going out with family and friends or just family is a nice way to relax after work related stress or to fight homesickness or probably just want to hang-out.

After trying out the same food from other restaurants, it seems the crave for a new taste has to be satisfied again. After looking around on the net, we decided it was Big Chefs turn this time. I remember back when they were still new, their employees used to be our neighbor. We lived opposite their building but we never really tried until the crave for something new came to us. We want a new environment, a fresh restaurant layout, but most of all we craved for a new taste. 

Big Chefs is located in Prince Sultan Road, near Sari Street. It is situated inside Alkhayat Center. They serve turkish, vegetarian food with some pasta as well. It was absolutely a fresh air for us. Their interior was excellent. I like the feeling of like being inside your own home. Well it doesn't exactly looked like our home but you'll definitely feel at home.

The kids loved the design. Eating in a sofa, cushioned with throw pillows definitely did the trick to relieve our crave for a fresh new air. The question now is, if the food can live up to our expectation.

That night was a bit busy, that is probably the reason nobody was there to welcome us or open the doors for us. Someone hurried to come to the door once a waiter saw us but it was already late so I guess we can let that go.

We were shown the menu and we knew then that we'll be eating a different taste in deed. We found a couple of familiar food to us so we decided to just ignore those and jump right into something new. Actually, that was my original plan but after seeing someone ordering a kebab, I immediately got a crave for it. It's been ages since I've had a taste of a chicken kebab.

Ize ordered for his favorite Pasta Alfredo and I ordered the Chicken Kebab since my wife ordered something different already. You can say that we ordered something familiar so we can share it once we didn't like the new dish we are about to try. Sorry, I forgot that name of the dish she ordered. I wrote it in a paper but lost it somehow. 

Anyways, now for the verdict. As far as the tastes is concern, the food was excellent. The pasta alfredo my son ordered was great. The chicken kebab was the best chicken kebab I've tasted so far. And as for my wife's dish, it was good but not so good. The food cost were reasonable and if you ask if we are going to try it again. Well, it's definitely a big YES!. We'd love to try the rest of their food on the menu but I have this craving to try their chicken kebab again. The rice was excellent too by the way. 
my wife's food, if you know what this is,
please comment it below. This has some

eggplant in it
The chicken kebab I ordered

As for the small guy-Noah. We just let him have a taste of each food that we've ordered and since he's a pasta person too like his brother-Ize then that won't be a problem. It was decided that they'd just share the pasta and he can have some of my chicken kebab, and some of my wife's food which he didn't like. 

Big Chefs is highly recommendable like what it says in some websites. By the way, the also serve burgers and it's presented in a very nice manner. Now we are on a hunt of a new crave, I am hoping to find a good asian restaurant. If you have tried a place, please don't hesitate to drop a comment. 

Below are some of the other pictures we took that night. Thank you and may God bless you all. 


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